My own ongoing personal creative project is around diabetes health education. The question underpinning it is:“What is the relationship between sickness, the body and emotions for Diabetes sufferers?”, and the drive to explore this comes from my grandfather’s death from diabetes. We were very close and his decline in health had a big impact on my life, so it has an ongoing personal significance for me and I intend to continue to develop in the foreseeable future. My main objective is to address my own feelings in relation to my grandfather’s experience of illness, and to communicate with patients of diabetes through art, inspiring them to re-evaluate their emotions and adopt a more positive outlook. I also hope my work can educate people about the impact that the health of our bodies has on our mental state and quality of life. postgraduate studies will bring me more possibilities and media selection. I aim to make my project interactive in order to engage with the public; as such, I really want to learn how to utilise a broad range of media.

The scope of my undergraduate major in Visual Communication Design was very broad and focused mainly on visual presentation and software skills. I believe that this has given me the relevant technical, aesthetic and design skills to pursue design more formally as a subject in itself.


I have gained valuable work experience at ART23 as an volunteer intern, helping to set up the WONDERLANDS exhibition and installation, and coordinate the ‘Van Gogh Museum x Entrepreneurship & Innovations in a Cultural Environment’ public event. During this work experience there, I realized that to install an exhibition is not just simply to display artworks; it requires me to think about spatial arrangements, choose which suitable media, and how to ensure the guests have a pleasant experience. As I want my project to be presented publicly and developed into a personal brand promotion, I feel there is much I could learn in this area through postgraduate studies.

It is my ambition to be an art teacher at university level and this degree would allow me to develop the necessary skills to do so. In addition, I intend to continue with my research project, exhibiting where possible in order to engage with the public around health education issues and make a positive impact on society.