Mind Map

My own ongoing personal creative project is around diabetes health education. To date, I have produced this during private extra-curricular classes at Art23 Modern Art Gallery in Guangzhou and I intend to develop it further during my postgraduate studies. The research question underpinning this work is:“What is the relationship between sickness, the body and emotions for Diabetes sufferers?”, and the drive to explore this comes from my grandfather’s death from diabetes. During this process, I have experimented with a wide variety of art practices, explored as many aspects of my theme as possible to develop its full potential, and kept track of this work via a project mind map. I studied the human body and the organs that diabetes affects and drew anatomical sketches from this. I also tried different ways to express my ideas in graphic form, using Illustrator and C4D. I created three cartoon characters – HEART, KIDNEY and STOMACH – and a series of story illustrations utilizing these. I conducted a wide range of research on different media, such as animation. I am particularly proud of the gifs and video I produced under the ‘ORGANS’ theme which explores themes of health education for diabetes patients.

The animated video is comprised of three short clips and represents the output of my ideas so far. These clips incorporate the development of a story that conveys information about diabetes through the characterization of symptoms and pathologies. The video represents what I hope will be the first iteration of my use of visual expression to these ends; in the future, I really want to produce designs that are more interactive, for example, utilising H5 Interface design and mobile phone app technology. This aims to go beyond the conventional use of health education videos and bring viewers a strong interactive experience that stirs both the imaginations and the emotions of the audience.

In addition to the video, I have included storyboards for the animation that connected information about Chinese medicine (e.g. acupuncture) and western medicine (e.g. knowledge of blood glucose and blood pressure tests) in my pictures and words. I also produced an artwork called GROWTH as both a 3D model and resin sculpture that explored these same themes. In addition, I did some brand design, designed some cultural and creative products based on these works, such as themed envelope and character badges.