Logo Design

This is project work from my second-year undergraduate exchange to Taiwan. It comprises of course work covering visual identity design and logo design, including work that won the Silver Award in the Sino-Japan Art & Design Exchange Exhibition and Bronze in Mainland Taiwan and Hongkong Design Invitation Exhibition.


Design concept:

The overall design resembles a running figure composed of several coloured ribbons that represent the diversity of people who participate in the marathon. In addition, the green ribbon symbolizes sustainability, while the blue ribbon represents the clean, pure environment. The top of the design is in the shape of a Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid), which is the most famous and symbolic flower of Orchid Island.


This visual identity design is coursework from my second-year undergraduate Chinese folk arts module.

Source of inspiration:

I studied the history and techniques of Chinese traditional culture and design and applied them to my own work. The pattern comes from traditional lotus, and the rise of the lotus flower is related to the Buddha. This specifically expresses the concept of Sakyamuni's step-by-step lotus. The homophonic sound is ‘Bu Bu Sheng Lian’, which means that each piece of cloth can give birth to a unique brand vision of the lotus. The text was selected from a sentence in the book "The Heart of the Zen" by Suzuki Junlong. It suggests using simple language to cut through everyday situations and explore how to keep your mind focused. I used words relevant to conveying the brand spirit of adhering to environmental protection, elegance and simplicity.


Design concept:

The logo pattern is modern and classical, but the flat visual expression does not lose the modern edge. The text adopts a partial calligraphy style, which conveys the traditional elegance of the brand.