Key words:  Emotion, Body, Covid-19, Absurd

Film Synopsis

An Emo body is a short animation,exploring the relationship between body and emotion under the epidemic situation, and how to find happiness and health. The animation content tells some stories that happened between me and the characters in the small room under the lockdown epidemic  situation. From some personal experiences, I express my story of changing from a negative response to a positive attitude. Use the power of animation to spread the enthusiasm during the Covid-19 crisis.

What if the objects in the room are also physical and emotional?


I created an absurd world, the objects in the room became human beings with bodies and emotions, and they became negative under my influence. In this story, people feel the many possibilities of emotional influence by the environment. This movie is not only my thinking about the relationship between happiness and health, but also a call to others to have an optimistic attitude to recognize and treat emotions.


I keep expanding this project into variety expressions, not only animated film, I also made prints. illustration, along with characters and story in the film.

Design Behind the animated 

Photo diary

Character  Design

Film Stills

Virtual exhibition